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Marc Palahí

Marc Palahí

Marc Palahí has been the Director of the European Forest Institute since 2015.

He is responsible for leading the organisation towards an acknowledged pan-European science-policy platform. Previously he led EFI’s policy support activities and during this time was instrumental in launching ThinkForest, the European high-level science forum on the future of forests. He has also worked as Head of EFI’s Mediterranean Regional Office, EFIMED. Marc has a PhD in forestry and economics and an MSc in forestry engineering.

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Is bioeconomy the answer to a sustainable and fair future?
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December 2019  


Blog posts    
On pandemics and forest fires June 2020  
Seeing the wood in the forests April 2020  
Bioeconomy: the missing link to connect the dots in the EU Green Deal March 2020  
Why Humboldt? Why now? September 2019  
From climate change to climate crisis: a new normal for natural disturbances August 2019  
Forests and education: building a sustainable future March 2019  


Speeches and popular articles    
De pandemias e indencios forestales Opinion piece in El Pais June 2020
The bioeconomy – bringing life to the center of our economy Opinion piece in Revolve Media March 2020
La ecología es la economía Opinion piece in El Pais June 2019
European forest city award 2019 to the city of Aberdeen Speech given at the award ceremony in Aberdeen April 2019
Bosques y educación, catalizadores para transformar nuestro mundo Opinion piece in El Pais  March 2019
木材で持続可能な都市開発 化石資源の使用抑える「バイオシティー」 Forests for sustainable urban development: 'Biocity' as the solution to minimise the use of fossil fuel based resources Interview with The Mainichi (Japan), about the biocity concept February 2019
Opening speech, 2018 Biocities Forum Speech given at the 2018 Biocities Forum, Barcelona November 2018
The key transformational role of forests as basis for an
ecological civilization
Speech given at the Conference on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Chinese Academy of Forestry October 2018
Reflexiones sobre el papel trasformador de nuestros bosques Blog for Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Montes October 2018
The updated EU Bioeconomy Strategy Interview with Il Bioeconomista  October 2018
Opening speech, Forest & Photonics 2018 Speech given at the Forest & Photonics 2018 conference, Koli October 2018
Speech to the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Montes Speech given at the Actos Conmemorativos San Francisco de Asís 2018, Madrid October 2018
Speech for 25th EFI anniversary Speech given at the Gala dinner, EFI Annual Conference  September 2018
Bioeconomía: La clave del negocio Speech given at CMPC, Santiago, Chile August 2018
Russia-Finland Business Roundtable: Bioeconomy and circular economy – bases for new global breakthroughs Panel discussion at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF'18) May 2018
The key role of forests in developing a tertium quid Speech given during the inauguration of the academic year of Italian Academy of Forest Sciences March 2018
"We need a new economic paradigm" Speech given at the 2017 Bioeconomy Investment Summit, Helsinki December 2017
Forestry combating climate change: an inconvenient truth? Open letter from Marc Palahí October 2017
Opening ceremony of the IUFRO Congress Speech given at the 125th IUFRO Anniversary Congress, Freiburg  September 2017
Role of forests in climate change mitigation Speech given at the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki June 2017
Insights on the bioeconomy Speech given at the ThinkForest seminar "Leading the way to a new European bioeconomy strategy", Berlin May 2017
“La bioeconomía será el motor de crecimiento del siglo XXI” Interview with Marc Palahi in La Vanguardia April 2016


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