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Forest fires

EFI experts and members of the EFI network have provided global news channels with their knowledge on wildfires, firefighting, effects of climate change, land management and forest resilience. Find out more.

Forestopic, Apr 2019 Après la déforestation, quand la forêt repousse par régénération naturelle ou par plantation EFI's Planted Forests Facility is featured in this article about forest regeneration
Macedonian MRT morning talk show, Mar 2019 12 years of scientific work in research EFI researcher Nataša Lovrić talked about her lecture in the presentation series of the alumni to the academic community of University "St. Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje for its 70 years celebration.
El Pais, Mar 2019 Bosques y educación, catalizadores para transformar nuestro mundo EFI Director Marc Palahi explains how forests and education can build a sustainable future.
Deutsche Welle, Mar 2019 Deforestación y degradación, las mayores amenazas de los bosques en América Latina Deforestation and degradation in Latin America, featuring discussion of planted forests.
The Mainichi, Feb 2019 木材で持続可能な都市開発 化石資源の使用抑える「バイオシティー」
Forests for sustainable urban development: 'Biocity' as the solution to minimise the use of fossil fuel based resources
EFI Director Marc Palahi features in Japan's Mainichi newspaper, talking about the biocity concept as a future solution for our urbanised world.
Euronews, Nov 2018 How wine corks are made - and why scientists are raising the alarm EFI's Lookout Station project provided support to Euronews, for a 360-degree video story about cork
Il Bioeconomista, Oct 2018 The updated EU Bioeconomy Strategy EFI Director Marc Palahi is interviewed about new developments in the updated EU Bioeconomy Strategy
MTV Macedonia, Oct 2018 Scientific Spectrum (Научен спектар) EFI researcher Nataša Lovrić is interviewed about her work by Macedonian National Television
Euronews, Jul 2018 How do firefighters go about tackling a wildfire? Interview with EFI Senior Expert Alex Held and Marc Castellnou from our network
BBC News, Jul 2018 Wildfires around the world EFI Senior Expert Alex Held discusses better forest risk management and evacuation plans
The Telegraph, UK, Jul 2018 Europe 'not doing its homework' on basic wildfire prevention EFI Senior Expert Alex Held explains more in this background article on forest fires.
Al Jazeera, Apr 2018 The Disappearing Oasis EFI's Lookout Station project provided support to Al Jazeera's Contrast VR, for a 360-degree video story focusing on climate change in the Sahara.
The Guardian US, Apr 2018 When nature says 'Enough!': the river that appeared overnight in Argentina EFI's Lookout Station project provided support to The Guardian for a story that focuses on climate change and forestry, using new storytelling techniques and formats. 
BBC Radio 4, Costing the Earth, Mar 2018 Superwood Presenter Tom Heap visits Finland and the Bioeconomy Investment Summit, organised by EFI in December 2017. 
Deutsche Welle, Feb 2018 Wood to build human body parts — and other bio-innovations Featuring speakers from EFI's Bioeconomy Investment Summit and associated media workshop, as well as EFI Director Marc Palahí, the article focuses on how bio-based products are essential for a sustainable society.
Deutsche Welle, Jan 2018 Wood: renewable construction material of the future? Featuring comments from EFI Director Marc Palahi, the article asks Could wood be a key sustainable resource of our future?
Renewable Matter, #19, Dec-Jan 2018  A Forest EFI Director Marc Palahi is interviewed about the role forests will play in the future economy.
Euronews, Nov 2017 Deadly wildfires: a devastating year for Portugal EFI's Lookout Station project provided support to Euronews, for a 360-degree video story that focuses on wildfires.


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