Our work


Forest Policy Research Network focuses its work in following key areas:

• Mobilising EFI networks on forest policy and innovation research

• Exploring the present and future of forest policy and governance in Europe and beyond

• Linking forest bioeconomy to governance research

• Developing tools for sustainability evaluation


Thematic Focus

Future of European Forest Governance:

  • Cross-sectoral coordination in forest-related policy issues
  • Analysing of and participating in European and global forest policy processes
  • EU forest policy: implementation and evaluation
  • Future of FOREST EUROPE: legally binding instrument, SFM assessment, criteria and indicators
Linking between bioeconomy and governance issues:
  • EU forest and bioeconomy policy post 2020
  • Forest and land use, ecosystem services, trade-off analysis, impact assessments
  • Wood products, wood construction: policy and governance aspects
  • Bioeconomy implementation, regional strategy development
  • Urban forestry, competence in CEE and SEE
Governance the forest-based sector:
  • Addressing forest ownership in Europe
  • Innovation systems in the forest-based sector post 2020
  • Perception studies on forests and bioeconomy, stakeholder management


The list of our current project you can find here.