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Mercedes Rois Díaz (M.Sc. in Forest Sciences, 2000) is a researcher in the Bioeconomy Programme. Currently she works in the FOODLEVERS project (Leverage points for organic and sustainable food systems), which aims at analysing innovative and mainstream case studies of organic and sustainable food systems, and the TECH4EFFECT project (Knowledge and Technologies for Effective Wood Procurement), in particular on the role of digitalization of the forestry sector.

In the past she worked in the SIMRA project (Social Innovation in Marginalized Rural Areas) analysing the environmental impact of the social innovations towards the SDGs, in the AFINET project (Agroforestry Innovation Networks, H2020), which aimed at taking up research results into agricultural practice, improving knowledge exchange between scientists and practitioners, with a special focus on silvoarable and silvopastoral agroforestry systems design, their management, production and profitability. She also worked in the FOE project (Forest Ownership Empowerment, DIVA H2020) aiming at developing a Decision Support Tool that assist forest owners in selecting the best tree species and non-wood forest products (with focus on mushroom production) for their land through the interface of a mobile application. in the AGFORWARD project (Agroforestry that will advance Rural Development, FP7) focusing on the driving factors for the farmers implementing agroforestry or not, and the analysis of policies influencing the uptake of agroforestry across Europe. Further, she was involved in the VALERIE project (VALorising European Research for Innovation in Agriculture and Forestry, FP7) which aimed at boosting the uptake of innovations by facilitating knowledge exchange between farmers, foresters and researchers to improve the uptake of research outputs. She also worked on developing indicators on forest biodiversity in the framework of the European Environment Agency, and the application of sewage sludge on silvopastoral systems. 

In addition to her work as researcher, she has expertise in project management from different funding agencies and worked as Office Manager in the EFI Office in Barcelona.

Key topics: agroforestry; bioeconomy; policy; digitalization

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