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Bioeconomy Programme
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Sustainable Bioeconomy
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Mercedes Rois Díaz (M.Sc. in Forest Sciences, 2000) is a researcher in the Bioeconomy Unit at the European Forest Institute.

Currently she works in the AFINET project (Agroforestry Innovation Networks, H2020), which aims at taking up research results into agricultural practice, improving knowledge exchange between scientists and practitioners, with a special focus on silvoarable and silvopastoral agroforestry systems design, their management, production and profitability. 

In the past she worked in the AGFORWARD project (Agroforestry that will advance Rural Development) focusing on the driving factors for the farmers implementing agroforestry or not, and the analysis of policies influencing the uptake of agroforestry across Europe. Further, she was involved in the VALERIE project (VALorising European Research for Innovation in Agriculture and Forestry, FP7) which aimed at boosting the uptake of innovations by facilitating knowledge exchange between farmers, foresters and researchers to improve the uptake of research outputs. She also worked on developing indicators on forest biodiversity in the framework of the European Environment Agency, and the application of sewage sludge on silvopastoral systems. 

Key topics: agroforestry; bioeconomy; policy

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