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EFIPLANT has always contributed actively to initiatives on storm risk management or to the «Risk Facility»
The EFI group in Cestas France has been actively engaged in studying the impacts of storms on forests and in disseminating that information
2019 marks an important milestone for the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme – EUFORGEN!
A European Research Group linking genomics, genetics, ecology and evolution hosted by EFIATLANTIC and EFIPLANT since 2010
The European project, INTEGRAL, was a unique chance to illustrate and quantify the impact of decisions made by policymakers and stakeholders in the context of planted forest restoration in the aftermath of the 2009 wind storm.
"My numerous roles on the Pierroton INRA site (local head of INRA, European project manager in the EFPA department and European coordinator of SCAR FOREST) meant that I was able to establish a longstanding working relationship, based on mutual trust and appreciation, with the staff of EFI.
When I became member, then president, of the IEFC board from 2015 to 2018, I collaborated on a daily basis, facilitating dialogue and interactions between the unit and the IEFC board.
Communicating from the bottom all the way to the top : the art of connecting people through publications
CAREFORPARIS presents scenarios by BFW, BOKU, Wood K plus and Umweltbundesamt
Workshop for professional arborists and managers responsible for tree safety - direct interaction with practitioners which is invaluable for researchers

EFI's Mediterranean Facility shares this November's news full of contributions from its network, articles of interest, new initiatives from the forest community and an agenda of events for the coming months.

On November 20, a workshop on “Europe’s future policy after 2020 – pathways for the future” took place in the Forestry House in Brussels. The workshop related to the ongoing EFI science-policy study, which will be published in March 2020.
We are seeking a Head of Resilience Programme at EFI Bonn
If forests were more like people, they would probably get a collective burn-out because of all the expectations that rest on them. How could one not succumb to all this pressure and these contradicting demands?