About EFI



The European Forest Institute is an international organisation, established by European States.

Our work

We conduct research and provide policy support on issues related to forests.

  • We facilitate and stimulate forest-related networking and promote the dissemination of unbiased and policy-relevant information on forests and forestry.
  • We also advocate for forest research and for the use of scientifically sound information as a basis for forest policies.

Our work in the field of policy support includes enhanced support for decision takers and policy makers. We host the International Partnerships Facility which is a global centre of knowledge and expertise that supports policy and governance reforms to safeguard the world’s forests. It facilitates partnerships between producing and consuming countries to foster legal, deforestation-free and sustainable timber, and agricultural commodity production and trade. 

Find out more in the EFI Strategy 2025.


general presentation

See EFI's general presentation here.