We have representatives from forest research, industry, forest owners and international forest-related organisations.

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Member Organisations

EFI currently has a network of c. 130 member organisations from 41 countries. They broadly represent forest research, industry, forest owners, environmental research and international forest related organisations.

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How to apply

The Board considers applications for admission twice per year. Applications must arrive no later than 1 March or 1 August, to be considered for admission at the respective session.

EFI Annual Conference
Annual Conferences

The Associate and Affiliate Members of EFI meet on annual basis at the Annual Conferences. The Associate Members have a right of vote at the Conference and they thus approve matters such as audited financial materials and work plans, and make decisions on the future plans and activities of EFI.

Member Benefits
membership means more
Our members benefit from
Regular information on activities and issues related to European forests
Vote at the Annual Conference (only for Associate Members), and influence the direction of EFI’s programme
Opportunity to stand for Board membership
Networking opportunities
Research collaboration
Advocacy, policy support, grants and more