International Partnerships Facility

The International Partnerships Facility is a global centre of knowledge and expertise that supports policy and governance reforms to safeguard the world’s forests.

We promote sustainable forest and land use to help protect and restore forests and maximise their role in green economic growth, climate change mitigation and poverty alleviation. We also foster legal, deforestation-free and sustainable commodity production and trade.

To achieve these goals, we facilitate partnerships between producing and consuming countries that engage key stakeholders in lasting solutions. 

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Partnerships to protect and restore forests

Forests are home to most of Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity. They are central to mitigating climate change and adapting to its impacts, essential to sustainable food production, and are key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. But the expansion of agricultural crops, illegal logging and land-use conflicts are driving forest loss.

To protect and restore the world’s forests, partnerships are needed. Only in partnership with others – governments, civil society, the private sector, international organisations and the scientific community – can we achieve these goals. 

Our work

The core of our approach is building effective partnerships and facilitating inclusive national and international processes.

The Facility conceptualises and pilots tools and approaches, and supports the development and implementation of partnerships approaches and legally binding instruments – all aimed at sustainable forest and land use, commodity production and trade.

We assist a range of actors in producing countries to strengthen and implement legal frameworks and policies. We also use this knowledge and experience to inform policy developments in consuming countries.

Our actions focus on five key areas:

  • Policy, regulatory and institutional reform processes
  • Transparency, traceability and accountability enhancement in commodity supply chains and land-use investments
  • Inclusive and informed land-use planning 
  • Public-Private Partnerships at jurisdictional level 
  • Integration of smallholders, customary groups and Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in sustainable supply chains

Who we are

We are a team of experts with experience from practice to policy.

Our team has expertise in:

  • forest and land-use management
  • commodity supply chains
  • economic modelling and finance
  • governance and institutional reforms
  • gender
  • multilateral processes
  • certification and licensing
  • legal and policy analysis
  • bilateral trade negotiations
  • multi-stakeholder and deliberative processes
  • communications know-how

Our team works in Central & West Africa, Asia, Europe and Central & South America. 


EFI works with a wide range of funders and manages multi-donor trust funds. We are EU-pillar assessed and have extensive experience with project cycle management. Below you can find an overview of our current work areas supporting policy and governance reforms to safeguard the world’s forests.

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EU FLEGT Facility

We support the EU’s response to illegal logging and trade in associated timber products.

Women and wood work
EU FLEGT Asia Programme

We work to improve forest governance and promote legal trade of timber across Asia.

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VPA Africa-Latin America Facility

We work with partners in Africa and Latin America engaged in FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements.

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EU REDD Facility

We support partner countries improve land-use to combat deforestation, and EU efforts to stop developing country deforestation.


We support constructive dialogue between palm oil producing and consuming communities, as part of efforts towards sustainable production.

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We support countries to address their forest governance and land use challenges, and act to strengthening forest governance and forest climate change linkages.

Cocoa harvesting
Sustainable Cocoa Programme

We support the EU Flagship Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa, in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Cameroon.

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We’re a team of forest and land use technical experts with policy experience and communications know-how.