European Forest City

Barcelona is the European Forest City 2022.

Forests are the most important and versatile ecological infrastructure in Europe. Today, forests cover 35% of the pan-European landscape, hosting an important share of biodiversity and providing products and services which support the resilience of rural areas and the wellbeing of urban ones. Forests provide crucial ecosystem services, supporting the sustainability of critical resources like water and soil, and play a key role in adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

In urbanized European societies, the role of forests in providing commodities, welfare, health and other social benefits is easily forgotten. The European Forest Institute wants to increase awareness amongst the general public and decision makers about Europe’s forests – and promote their versatility, significance and social impact.

From 2014, the European Forest Institute has granted the title of ‘European Forest City’ to the city which hosts the EFI Annual Conference. The 2022 EFI Annual Conference will be held in Barcelona in October 2022.

The title is given annually, and lasts for one year (i.e. European Forest City 2017). During this year, the city can utilize the title in its promotional materials and communications. EFI provides a special logo for this use.

To meet the original goal of increasing awareness of Europe’s forests, it is expected that the city will include other forest-related activities for professionals and the public in their programme for the year. 

European Forest City 2022 logo