Biocities Facility

EFI’s new Biocities Facility in Rome, Italy, is a global reference in generating and communicating relevant scientific knowledge on the potential of the circular bioeconomy concept to rethink urban areas, particularly based on forest-based solutions.

The Facility is a leader in developing a new and holistic conceptual framework for the use of green infrastructures and biobased solutions in urban environments, to tackle climate change and other global challenges.

Increasingly relevant “urban” sectors and challenges such as building construction (e.g., the New European Bauhaus initiative), fashion, transport, packaging, waste and human health and wellbeing directly benefit from the knowledge and activities generated.

Urban area with forest
Urban garden rooftop
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Our work

The Biocities Facility addresses the following priority topic: 

  • Circular Biocities: from a concept to the new urban reality 

The Facility implements the following key activities: 

  • Science-policy-business reports to connect the dots between disciplines and sectors that can catalyse transformational change in urban environments. 
  • Science-policy-business events and to raise awareness and create a new and informed debate on Circular Biocities around key sectors. 
  • A range of raising awareness communication activities engaging journalists, using different communication platforms and tools: from blogs, exhibitions, awards, etc.

Recommended reading

van der Bosch et al. 2024. The evolution and future of research on Nature-based Solutions to address societal challenges. 

Scarascia-Mugnozza et al. 2023. Transforming Biocities: Designing Urban Spaces Inspired by Nature. 

Wilkes-Allemann et al. 2022.  Research Agenda – Biocities of the future. or you can also download a briefing of the Research agenda.

Ten key ideas for Biocities

Pathways for transition to Biocities


Webinar - Mediterranean stone pines under attack: the invasion of the pine tortoise scale 
2 May 2024 (14:00 - 16.00 CEST) 

Press releases

Il nuovo Policy Brief dell’Istituto Forestale Europeo (EFI) mostra come alberi e foreste urbane combattano i problemi di salute pubblica (11 July 2024)

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Buildings integrated in forest

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First image: Courtesy of Fritzell & Pantzar/Folkhem trä/Land arkitektur/HISM
Second image: Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects, Forestry in the forest