Grants and training

EFI works to build scientific capacity and share knowledge across Europe and beyond. It is committed to creating and supporting a new generation of forest scientists and to building bridges and cooperation between different countries and disciplines.

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Our initiatives include:

EFI Network Fund

The EFI Network Fund supports activities like joint research initiatives, knowledge networking and capacity building, focusing on EFI’s three strategic themes: bioeconomy, resilience and governance. The Fund is aimed at EFI Associate and Affiliate Members.

Short term mobility grants

Each year we offer short term mobility grants  - a unique opportunity for interested candidates to get involved in international level forest research and research cooperation! 

Young Leadership Programme

EFI's Young Leadership Programme is aimed at young professionals working in the research and development, governance, administration or business side of the forest sector, or a related area. The 5-day programme offers a unique opportunity for young professionals with leadership potential to interact with a network of global peers and experts, and share practical experience through group exercises.

EVOLTREE funding initiatives

EFI facilitates the EVOLTREE network, which offers a variety of funding initiatives to its members.