EFI Associates

EFI Research Networks consist of a subset of EFI member organizations and other relevant research partners. The Coordination Team members of a Research Network have the affiliation of EFI Associate. 

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Forest Policy Research Network

The Forest Policy Research Network is coordinated by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna. 


Name Job title Telephone number Email Location Weblink
Gerhard Weiss Head of Office +43-1-47654-73217 gerhard.weiss @ efi.int Vienna BOKU; ResearchGate
Alice Ludvig Deputy Head of office +43-1-47654-73216 alice.ludvig @ efi.int Vienna BOKU; ResearchGate
Stefanie Linser Senior Researcher +43-1-47654-73222 stefanie.linser @ efi.int Vienna BOKU; ResearchGate
Ivana Živojinovic Senior Researcher +43-1-47654-73216 ivana.zivojinovic @ efi.int Vienna BOKU; ResearchGate
Jerbelle Elomina Researcher +43-1-47654-73218 jerbelle.elomina @ efi.int Vienna BOKU; ResearchGate
Blasius Schmid Researcher +43-1-47654-73214   Vienna BOKU; ResearchGate
Barbara Öllerer Researcher +43-1-47654-73214   Vienna BOKU; ResearchGate
Elaine Anne Parlade Researcher +43-1-47654-73217   Vienna BOKU;


Forest Bioeconomy Network (ForBioeconomy)

The Forest Bioeconomy Network is coordinated by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).


Name Job title Telephone number Email Location Weblink
Peichen Gong Research Network Coordinator +46-90-786-8492 peichen.gong@efi.int Umeå ForBioeconomy
Mona Bonta Bergman Communication Officer +46-73-034-7379  monabonta.bergman @ efi.int Umeå ForBioeconomy
Göran Bostedt Senior Researcher +46-70-314-1487 goran.bostedt @ slu.se Umeå ForBioeconomy