Bioregions work programme 2020-2021

Bioregions Facility has four strategic objectives and a number of related actions.

Strategic objectives 

  1. Identify and capitalise on best practices which support the development of the bioeconomy in European regions, extracting and disseminating relevant lessons for European or global policy processes and creating better framework conditions for a circular bioeconomy at regional level.
  2. Catalyse and support growth of innovative bioeconomy start-ups, spin-offs and corporate innovations, strengthening and interconnecting bioeconomy acceleration programmes.
  3. Raise awareness on the bioeconomy potential, initiatives and transformative agendas in European regions, as a way to increase social engagement and help overcome barriers to change.
  4. Strengthen the Bioregions Facility, attracting new regions, developing a strong partnership with business and civil society actors and leveraging competitive funding opportunities.

Work programme

The Bioregions work programme is organised around the following three pillars: 

  1. Policy Learning Platform to help policy makers and other stakeholders to create better framework conditions for the bioeconomy.
  2. Innovation and Business Discovery Hub to mobilise companies, point towards access to funding and to speed up innovation, by connecting and creating synergies across regional acceleration programs/organisations.
  3. Societal Awareness Toolbox to provide means and support to broaden and communicate a systemic understanding of what a circular bioeconomy means in practice, and to create ownership.