NWFP for people, nature and the green economy

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Non-wood forest products (NWFP) such as cork, natural resins, mushrooms, medicinal plants and nuts and berries have huge potential to contribute to green growth in Europe and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The extent to which these forest products are embedded in daily life and the actions needed to leverage their potential more widely are described in detail in a White Paper, based on lessons learned from around the Mediterranean, on Non-wood forest products for people, nature and the green economy, Recommendations for policy priorities in Europe

The Paper, jointly issued by EFI and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), identifies key areas that require urgent policy attention and suggests concrete actions that could be undertaken by decision makers, key stakeholders, and societal actors at various levels in Europe and other parts of the world. During this side event, the White Paper will be officially launched and its key findings and recommendations presented and discussed.

The side event will address, among others, the following key questions:

• What are the key contributions of NWFP to socio-economic development in Europe in support of a transition towards a green economy?
• What are the key actions required to further enhance the contribution to the European Green Deal and other core policy objectives?
• What can FAO and other international organizations do to further promote the sustainable consumption and production of NWFP?

Guillermo Fernández Centeno General Director of Forests & Forestry. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain
Mette Løyche Wilkie Director, Forestry Division, FAO
Robert Mavsar Deputy Director, EFI
Davide Pettenella Professor, University of Padova
Conceição Santos Silva Coordinator of R&D and Innovation, UNAC, Mediterranean Forest Union (Portugal)
Anastasiya Timoshyna TRAFFIC and IUCN Species Survival Commission - Medicinal Plant Specialist Group
İsmail Belen Foundation of the People CARing for FUture (CARFU) and Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of Turkey
Chadi Mohanna Director of Rural Development and Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture of Lebanon, and Chair of Silva Mediterranea

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