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Our mission statement: Connecting knowledge to action
Vision: A world where forests significantly contribute to sustainable wellbeing

EFI logo:

  • “European Forest Institute”, abbreviation “EFI” is protected by Article 6ter of the Paris Convention: Protection of State Emblems, and Names, Abbreviations and Emblems of International Intergovernmental Organisations. It is comparable to a state emblem, and should be treated as such. There are certain basic rules that need to be followed while using it.
  • The shape and the angle of the EFI leaf may not be changed
  • The leaf may not be used in such a manner that it is associated with another institute or company – please confirm the use for promotional uses and printed materials with the EFI Secretariat.
  • The logo should not stand out from the background, i.e. if you are using it on a green background, there should not be a white box behind the logo. If this happens, you are most likely using the wrong file.

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    Ideal for use with Office applications (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and in-house printing.

EFI logo
EFI logo

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