Annual Conference 18.9

EFI Annual Conference 2024
Provisional Agenda

Wednesday, 18 September 2024, at 9.00- 17.00 CET 
The Conference venue: University Club Bonn
Address: Konviktstraße 9, 53113 Bonn

Members’ dialogue session

Rach Colling, Head of Communications, EFI

  • Presentation of the new EFI communications strategy
  • Interactive discussion on co-creation 
    • Requirements for co-creation
    • What does co-creation look like in practice?
    • What are the challenges? 

Coffee break

Ordinary plenary session (11.00-13.25)

Item 1
Opening of the Conference ordinary plenary session (10´)
a) Announcing the total number of participants and voters
b) Adoption of the agenda (voting item)


Item 2
Election of the Officers of the Conference (10´) (voting item)
a) Vice-chair of the Conference 2025 
b) Minute checkers
c) Vote checkers


Item 3
Board’s report to the Conference (10´)


Item 4
EFI Reports and Plans (45´)
a) Review and adoption of the Annual Report 2023 (voting item)
b) Approval of the audited financial statements 2023 (voting item)
c) Approval of the Work Plan for 2025 (voting item)


Item 5
Auditors of Accounts for 2025 (10´) (voting item)


Item 6
Board members 2024-2027 (15´) (voting item)
a) Re-election of one Board member for the period 2024-2027
b) Election of one Board member for the period 2024-2027


Item 7
Annual Conference venues (20´)
a) Venue of Annual Conference in 2025
b) Venue of Annual Conference 2026-2027 (voting item)



Item 8
Conference and membership Issues (10´)
a) A welcome to new members
b) Membership fees for 2025 (voting item)


Item 9
Any other business (15´)
a) Fellowships


Item 10
Closing of the ordinary plenary session


Official group photo



Young scientists’ session: Forests and generative AI (14.45-17.00)

The growing role of AI has become a common interest area for science, civil society and media in recent years. 

  • Presentation of the results from the Science-media-NGO hackathon on “Forests & generative AI”
    • Young scientists, young non-profit representatives and young journalists will present the experimental AI work they have carried out the previous day on topics related to integrated forest management 
    • Reflections on how they could potentially work together considering the new opportunities and challenges we face through the growing use of AI
    • Exchange and wider discussion with EFI members
  • 5 Young Scientists presentation of own research or project which has involved the use of generative AI tools

    Grant call is open, see details of the call G-02-2024 EFI AC: Young Scientist Session on AI and Forests and apply by 3 July 2024, 23:00 UTC.

Session ends


Gala dinner