Scientific Seminar 19.9.2024

Integrative Forest Management: perspectives from science, policy & practice

Thursday, 19 September 2024 
The Conference venue:  Hörsaalzentrum, Friedrich-Hirzebruch Allee 5, Bonn in collaboration with the University of Bonn.

How to foster biodiversity in modern forest management is one of the key questions foresters need to answer these days. The Scientific Seminar 2024 will focus on the concept of Integrative Forest Management (IFM) and tries to dig into a deeper understanding of the interplay of forest and environmental science, policy and practice to address the following questions: 

  • What are the forest management practices across Europe that can make a difference? Which are the latest flagship activities and projects addressing IFM and facilitating scientific exchange and advancements? 
  • How can we address multiple, possibly conflicting objectives of forest management to promote biodiversity conservation, increase forest resilience and mitigate the impacts of forest disturbances? 
  • What is needed to make Integrative Forest Management a widespread approach, and how can we tackle the challenges we face when integrating different ecosystem services into our forest management? 
  • How can the implementation of IFM be supported at different levels and for different communities/stakeholders? 

Moderator: Gesche Schifferdecker, Communications Manager, EFI 

Dr. Robert Mavsar, Director EFI 
Roland Daamen, Ministry for Agriculture and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine - Westphalia

Introduction and rationale of the scientific seminar
Dr. Bernhard Wolfslehner, Head of Governance Programme, EFI


Session I. Integrative Forest Management (IFM) and science 
Moderator: Dr. Elisabeth Schatzdorfer, Principal Scientist, EFI


Protecting biodiversity through integrated forest management - potentials and pitfalls
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bauhus, University of Freiburg


The key key questions to be addressed by science
Moderated panel discussion 


  • Dr. Adam Felton, Senior Lecturer, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Dr. Agata Konczal, Assistant Professor,  Wageningen University and Research
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Rigling, Professor “Forest Growth and Global Change”, ETH Zürich


Coffee break


Session II: IFM - the politics
Moderator: Gesche Schifferdecker, Communications Manager, EFI 


Introductory presentation: View on IFM policy set-up
Maria Patek


Contributions to the policy debate
Moderated panel discussion


  • Steven Dörr, Policy Advisor, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany
  • Hannah Mowat, Campaigns Coordinator, FERN
  • Boris Erg, Director of the European Regional office, International Union for Conservation of Nature  (IUCN)
  • Marco Onida, Head of the Forest Sector DG Environment, European Commission
  • Maria Patek

Lunch break


Couch talk: what's in for IFM in the forestry debate
Moderated by Rahel Könen, Communications Assistant, EFI


Session III. IFM implementation practice
moderator: Andreas Schuck, Senior Researcher, EFI

Practice examples from the North, South, East and West Europe

  • North-West: Jonathan Spazzi, Forestry Advisor, Teagasc
  • South: Teresa Baiges Zapater, Forest and Agriculture Engineer, Centre de la Propietat Forestal (CPF)
  • Western Balkans: Gregor Danev, Director, Slovenia Forest Service
  • East: Dr. Anna Gazda, Associate Professor, University of Agriculture in Krakow
  • West: Daniel Kraus, Director and Chief manager of the forest department of the University of Würzburg, Germany

Session IV. IFM - the networks
Moderator: Cecilia Rivera, Project Officer, EFI 

  • Integrate Network: Dr. Georg Frank, Austrian Research Center for Forests (BFW) 
  • Model Forest Network
  • Bioregions Facility
  • ProSilva: Dr. Tomáš Vrška

Summary of the Network of Networks meeting
Gesche Schifferdecker, Communications Manager, EFI



Closing remarks
Dr. Bernhard Wolfslehner, Head of Governance Programme, EFI