How to apply

Any organisation can apply for EFI membership:

Associate membership is open to research institutes, educational establishments, commercial organisations, forest authorities, non-governmental organisations and institutions of similar nature from European States.

Affiliate membership is open to institutions of a similar nature from non-European States.

Please fill in the online application here.

Applications for admission will be considered by the Board twice per year, in April/May and in September/October. To be considered for admission at the respective session, applications must have been received no later than 1 March or 1 August, respectively. If not received by the set deadline, the application will be considered a the following session of the Board.

Membership fees

Current fee categories. (effective since 1 January 2016)

World Bank categories

EFI’s  membership fee structure is based on the World Bank’s list of Economies. See listing at the World Bank  site.

For more information, contact