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The European Commission is looking for experts to help select the best proposals for EU research and innovation funding.

Who can apply?

Professionals working in a range of fields are welcome to apply – from the public and the non-profit sectors to businesses and research organisations. In particular, we are looking for experts working in the fields of forestry and agriculture, including agro-forestry, forest management, forest fire prevention, sustainable agriculture, soil health, climate-resilient farms and forests. The evaluation panels consist of people with diverse backgrounds and are gender balanced.

Additional experience in the financial management of R&I projects or with integrating gender aspects into research and innovation are considered an asset.

View a detailed list of fields of expertise on the European Commission’s website.

What happens next?

The European Commission selects candidates with the most suitable profiles for each evaluation. Selected experts are contracted for short-term assignments lasting from two days and up to 2 weeks. The working days are not always consecutive and can be spread over several months. The majority of the work will be conducted remotely.

What you will do

Experts evaluate project proposals applying for EU funding. This is done by scoring proposals and exchanging views with fellow evaluators. You may also be asked to monitor the implementation of a funded project and provide an independent assessment of the project’s progress.

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