Call for participation in the Young Scientist Session on Agroforestry relaunched

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EFI is providing grants for Young Scientists in the field of agroforestry in EFI Associate and Affiliate member organisations to give a 10-minute presentation on their research and participate in a panel discussion at the 2023 EFI Annual Conference. EFI will provide financial support of 750 euros.

Agroforestry is an ancient agricultural practice that is still widely implemented in several European countries. It is a dynamic system combining trees, crops and/or livestock on the same area of land. Examples are the dehesa in Spain (oak trees with livestock grazing or crops underneath) and the Fennoscandian area (including Finland, Norway, Sweden and a part of Russia), where reindeer husbandry is practised. Agroforestry is gaining renewed interest due to its many economic and environmental benefits.

EFI is arranging a session at the EFI Annual Conference on 20 September 2023 (14:30-17:00 CET) in Novi Sad (Serbia), where the Agroforestry concept will be presented. This will be followed by a discussion on how agroforestry can contribute to creating more resilient landscapes, while offering new economic and social opportunities. The session aims to showcase the ongoing research of Young Scientists in this field in Europe.

The presented research shall address one or several of the following sub-topics on agroforestry:

  • contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • fostering sustainable development and efficient management of natural resources such as water, soil and air;
  • contributing to the protection of biodiversity, enhancing ecosystem services and preserving habitats and landscapes;
  • promoting employment, growth, social inclusion and local development in rural areas, including the bioeconomy and sustainable forestry.

A maximum of 4 grants will be awarded.

Read full grant call and apply: