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How can scientists and practitioners collaborate to prevent wildfires, how can they react to storms and biological invasions? What role can forests play in global approaches to climate change policy? How can we integrate nature conservation in sustainable forest management strategies? What are the environmental consequences of increasing urbanization and what are the benefits of urban forestry?

These and more questions are discussed on the Resilience Blog, published by European Forest Institute’s Resilience Research Programme. It addresses challenges posed by climate change, including forest-related risks such as wildfires and biodiversity loss, but also the potential of forests and trees in urban and rural areas to combat these challenges.

The Resilience Blog is not only a platform for communicating research results and knowledge of the Resilience Research team, but also for providing different statements and expert opinions as well as material for debate and comments – in both English and German, to address local as well as international stakeholders.

It is also the Resilience Research Programme’s interactive tool to distribute information on its current projects and activities. These range from workshops on Integrated Forest Management,  over practical experiences with Marteloscope sites in different countries, to reports on events like EFI Bonn’s COP23 side events and controversies like the debate on rescEU , the new initiative of the European Union to tackle natural disasters.

Make sure to check the Resilience Blog out regularly, as calls for participation in interesting workshops and events all over Europe are frequently posted.