EFINET questionnaire on European forest monitoring

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EFINET aims at establishing a network that can facilitate and increase the openness of available forest information in Europe and enable the coordination and assimilation of all available resources into pan-European forest information systems. EFINET will provide a comparative review of existing forest information systems and their shortcomings, as well as to critically assess the available data sources and stakeholder requirements in order to identify information gaps on forests at European level.

The scientists working at EFINET prepared a questionnaire aimed at acquiring information on required outputs from a European forest monitoring system. The questionnaire inquires about information, not just to the type of forest variables that would be of interest, but also to the spatial and temporal scales that would be considered adequate for robust decision making. The questionnaire is also aimed at acquiring your opinions on the role of the potential key actors of a future European forest monitoring system. Let your voice to be heard and respond to the survey here.