New study on ERA-NETs and COST Actions in the forest-based sector

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A newly published study assesses the impact of past and existing ERA-Nets and COST Actions within and related to the European forest-based sector. Its findings contribute to the scope and role of the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) strategic group for forests and forestry research and innovation (R&I). The results of the study highlight the importance of the ERA-NET and COST funding schemes to initiate and implement future-oriented forest-related research and innovation projects through transnational networks and collaborative actions. The ERA-NET scheme has proven to be the perfect instrument for bottom-up, well-tailored research and innovation actions fostering considerable transfer and market impact. European-level research and development actions are well-suited for the forest-based sector, because many questions can be considered too specific to be addressed only through national funding programs.

The report "Assessment of ERA-Nets and COST Actions in the EU forest-based sector" by Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld, FCBA and Uwe Kies, InnovaWood is accessible here.

Previously published report in the same series “Synthesis on forest bioeconomy research and innovation in Europe” by EFI’s Marko Lovrić, Nataša Lovrić and Robert Mavsar is available here.