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The development of new technologies has been fundamental supporting the balance between environmental risks and increasing global resource demand. The forest sector is assuming a lead position on this context, increasing digitalization all over its supply-chain. Involvement of forest owners is a key factor for forest industry supply. In the last decades, their engagement has been changing from timber to non-timber-oriented (recreation, ecotourism, non-wood forest products, biodiversity, etc.) management. Even though this has direct impacts on wood supply, it also provides opportunities for new business models and forest-related services.

This survey is part of NOMADI Project (Green growth for the North Karelia bioeconomy through digital transformation of forest services) and aims to access current digital and innovative forest services available world-wide, identifying their main challenges, insights, and potential for new business development, focused on forest owners. Later on, interviews and online workshops will be organized to facilitate international exchange. By being involved in the project, you may find new solutions, cooperation partners and access to business support services. The project is being developed by Finnish Forest Center, Finnish Natural Resources Institute (LUKE) and European Forest Institute (EFI).

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the survey. Contact information will be collected under your authorization (and interest) and individual respondents cannot be identified from the results.

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