Public consultation on past, present and future of EU Horizon R&I Framework Programmes

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On 1 December 2022, the European Commission (EC) launched the largest public consultation ever held on the past, present and future of the EU’s Horizon research and innovation programmes 2014-2027. With this consultation, the Commission is collecting input which will be used for:

  • the ex-post evaluation of Horizon 2020,
  • the mid-term evaluation of Horizon Europe,
  • the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2025-2027.

According to the Commission, the public consultation allows participants to:

  • point out the achievements and shortcomings of the previous EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, its relevance and the procedures associated with the application process and funding management;
  • express views on Horizon Europe’s design and implementation up until now;
  • identify future priorities for Horizon Europe’s Strategic Plan 2025-2027, providing inputs on emerging research and innovation needs, on synergies across EU programmes, etc.

The consultation is open from 1 December 2022 until 23 February 2023. Questions are accessible in English, German and French. Participants can reply in all EU languages. Stakeholders are encouraged to reply to multiple-choice and open questions and are invited to submit position papers. Respondents can choose to reply to one, two or all three parts of the questionnaire.

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