Workshop “Europe’s future policy after 2020 – pathways for the future”

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On November 20, a workshop on “Europe’s future policy after 2020 – pathways for the future” took place in the Forestry House in Brussels. The workshop related to the ongoing EFI science-policy study, which will be published in March 2020.

The EFI team (Helga Pülzl, Bernhard Wolfslehner from Forest Policy Research Network and Georg Winkel and Bettina Joa from EFI Bonn) presented the study’s draft results as well as potential scenarios for Europe’s future policy to about 20 participants from various organisations and member countries representatives. The idea of the workshop was to discuss these potential future scenarios against the background of changing forest-related policy frameworks, developments, and upcoming trends in Europe.

The intense discussions both in the plenum and in small groups provided the EFI researchers with valuable input for finalising the MDTF study together with a carefully selected group of researchers. It became obvious that a diversity of stakeholders, member states representatives, and Commission services with partly conflicting interests needs to be integrated if a future EU forest policy will be a success story.