We provide collective science-based insights at European and regional level to support informed policy making. Together with our large network of Associate Member organisations, we

  • Conduct and promote interdisciplinary and cross-sector research, to address policy-relevant issues at a pan-European or regional level.
  • Analyse and upscale information on forest resources, products and services on a pan-European level.
  • Support the coordination, strengthening and networking of forest research capacities aiming to overcome the fragmentation of European forest research.
  • Advocate for forest research within the forest sector, as well as within other scientific domains.

EFI’s Strategy is built around three complementary, interdisciplinary research themes: Bioeconomy, Resilience and Governance. These form the framework for EFI’s activities.

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Research is carried out in flexible teams among EFI’s own research staff and other experts, based on the given task.

EFI has a Scientific Advisory Board, which advises EFI in scientific matters, monitors EFI's R&D activities and anticipates future research needs.