Agroforestry in Finland: case study of innovations in agroforestry farms in Finland

T2.32 Traditional knowledge, geographical indications and non-timber forest products towards a bioeconomy in community-based agroforestry systems


Tanja Kähkönen1, Michael den Herder1
1 European Forest Institute



Agroforestry is among non-mainstream land use practices in Finland. However, those farmers, forest owners and landowners who practice it in Finland carry information that is not available in conventional agricultural and forestry advisory systems. The traditional knowledge that agroforestry farmers use and pass on in their agroforestry practices is largely silent information for conventional agriculture and forestry advisors as well as to conventional farmers. In the Agroforestry Business Model Innovation Network project (AF4EU) innovative agroforestry farm business models will be analysed. A multi-actor regional agroforestry innovation network in Finland is used for identifying innovative agroforestry farms in Finland. In this presentation we will explore the identified innovative agroforestry farm business models in Finland by exploring three farm cases from economic, environmental and social sustainability perspectives. The data is collected through interviews and surveys of farmers involved in the identified innovative agroforestry farm cases. Besides the innovative agroforestry farm cases, we explore the associated value chains. The results of this study give new insights particularly for farmers, advisors and policy makers on agroforestry in Northern Europe, a region not typically included in global discussions on advancement of different agroforestry systems.