Forest Governance Index

The Forest Governance Index, developed collaboratively between the International Partnerships Facility and the Governance Programme, aims at deepening understanding of forest governance and fostering collaboration among stakeholders dedicated to the management, protection, and conservation of forests.

Aerial photo rainforest village

A comprehensive and structured approach

The FGI serves as a comprehensive tool designed to assess and monitor five key areas of governance, such as stakeholder participation, legislative and institutional clarity, accountability and oversight, transparency, and compliance, promotion and enforcement, based on evidence rather than perceptions. In applying the FGI, the IPF has engaged national experts and stakeholders in their evaluation of forest governance at the national level. This collaborative process can help stakeholders to track the evolution of governance over time and see the influence of policy processes on these key areas.

Five key areas of governance

Everyone has a role to play

By using the FGI, national stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in assessments, contribute to data analysis, and engage in dialogues surrounding the findings. The insights derived from the FGI hold potential for various actors interested in or concerned about governance in the forest sector. They can serve to raise awareness about critical aspects of forest governance, to facilitate inclusive discussions among stakeholders, and to guide reforms and capacity-building efforts by identifying focus areas and informing strategic interventions.

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