Sustainable Finance, Forests & Biodiversity

29 April 2024 at 14.00 - 15.30 CET

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Biodiversity is heavily threatened both in Europe and globally. Immediate action to stop further loss and to maintain and enhance biodiversity, especially in forests is needed. Public finance plays an important role, but privately financed activities are becoming more and more important. 

The European Union addresses the above-mentioned challenges in its Green Deal which aims to reverse biodiversity loss coupled with bioeconomy development, and by having economic growth decoupled from resource use. Accordingly, sustainable finance should aim to channel more investments towards this transition. The EU Taxonomy aims to create a common way to classify sustainable economic activities for investors. To be considered environmentally sustainable, economic activities and investments must meet certain minimum requirements and adhere to screening criteria that are to be defined by delegated acts from the European Commission. Biodiversity-related ones for forests are not defined yet.

Our ThinkForest event asks: 

  • How can we define criteria and indicators for biodiversity maintenance as well as improvement for forest ecosystems? 

  • How can we make sure and monitor that these biodiversity-related criteria and indicators are met (e.g. in forest restoration)? 

  • How can private finance support biodiversity protection and enhancement and make it their business case?

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