AquaTerrE - Integrated European Network for Biomass and Waste Reutilisation for Bio-products

The main aim of AquaTerrE was to make an inventory of existing biomass feedstocks in Europe, quantify the potential and identify the best ones.

AquaTerrE promoted cooperation between research centres, business and other stakeholders in Europe devoted to the research, development and application of biomass and bio-fuel production and valorisation. The aim was also to study the best possibilities for implementing different biomass sources in different environments to improve their utilisation. Pursuing this target, a literature and data survey and a review on current research was carried out.

Furthermore, the scope of AquaTerrE also consisted of mapping European biomass feedstocks using different tools such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS). AquaTerrE expert members will identify economic and environmental impact schemes to define the optimum Life Cycle Assessment scenario (LCA).

EFI was the only partner with forest research expertise in the Consortium and will collaborate in the qualification and quantification of the biomass sources as well as in the identification and mapping by GIS. In the second phase, EFI played a key role in the determination of sustainable production, identifying the main aspects to be considered for the implementation of sustainable biomass production.

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