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The Biomass Energy Europe (BEE) project was initiated to harmonise methodologies for biomass resource assessments for energy purposes in Europe and its neighbouring countries. This allows to improve consistency, accuracy and reliability of biomass assessments for energy, which can serve the planning of a transition to increase energy from renewable sources in the European Union.

The major focus of the project has been on methodological and dataset harmonisations fostered by ongoing research of a multidisciplinary team of project participants, and on the opportunities of utilising both earth observation and terrestrial data for biomass assessments and the integration of multiple data sources. The relevant sectors that have been investigated are forestry, energy crops, residues from traditional agriculture and waste.

EFI was a partner in the project and responsible for the coordination of R&D in the Work Package 'Dissemination and Networking' (WP2). EFI was also involved in other Work Packages: 'Status of Biomass Resource Assessment' (WP3), 'Analysis of Biomass Resource Assessments' (WP4), 'Harmonization of Biomass Resource Assessments' (WP5) and WP6, 'Illustration Cases', in which a set of illustration cases was built, and in the EU-27 & Pan-European illustration case. In addition, EFI had a small role in the Work Package 7 (Integration, Evaluation and Recommendation). EFI's tasks in all the Work Packages were connected to forestry and forestry residues.

All major reports and more information about the project can be found here:  (last visited 25/1/2018)

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