BEST - Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow

Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST) project was funded by The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES) and coordinated by two of the six Strategic Centers for science, technology and innovation in Finland: Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster (FIBIC) and  Cluster for  Energy and Environment (CLEEN). This cross-boundary program aimed at building a solid common understanding of the future bioenergy business opportunities as well as the necessary know-how and capabilities for seizing them. Program participants include small and large forest, energy, technology and consulting companies along with universities and research organizations.

EFI was taking part in WP1 and, in particular, to Task 1.1 “ Critical synthesis of existing bioenergy scenarios 2010-2050”. It provided a synthesis of selected existing projections for the development of the global energy and bioenergy systems (demands for and supply of heat, power and transportation fuels) focusing on Europe and the key emerging markets. Related assumptions on markets, policy, and technological factors were also summarized. The existing bioenergy systems projections were juxtaposed and critically reviewed with the scenarios on global economic development & scenarios on forest biomass supply and demand. Main uncertainties related to methods, data, etc., were assessed, in order to improve projections in future. To obtain this objective, literature review synthetizing projections for global economic development and forest biomass demand and supply was produced.

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