Biomonitor – Monitoring the Bioeconomy

BioMonitor addresses the information gap in bioeconomy research by re-structuring its existing data and modelling framework. The ultimate goal of the project is to get a clearer picture of how bioeconomy affects our lives.

Under the leadership of the Wageningen University, the BioMonitor framework will enable professional stakeholders from different sectors to monitor and measure the bioeconomy and its economic, environmental and social impacts in the EU and Member States. The project works in a three-fold approach by:

  • Closing the data gaps observed when measuring the bioeconomy by using new and improved datasets;
  • Enhancing existing modelling tools that guide industries and policymakers in defining long-term strategies;
  • Creating a stakeholder engagement platform and training modules to validate and disseminate the data and modelling framework developed by the BioMonitor project.

Why BioMonitor?

The bioeconomy stakeholders need a sustainable statistical and modelling framework to monitor and measure the bioeconomy and its economic, environmental and social impacts in the EU and its Member States.

What does BioMonitor offer?

  • Statistical officers’ task will be made easier by filling in gaps in existing data sources on bio-based products and materials.
  • Manufacturers will be able to communicate more transparently on the bio-based components of their products.
  • Solid cooperation among industry, statistical and customs officers will be encouraged to ensure that data and standards on bio-based materials are reported properly.
  • Policymakers will get support in their decision making with regards to the bioeconomy thanks to the solid data sets.

EFI leads a work package on the design of the BioMonitor toolbox, which will contain enhanced tools and models for monitoring the development of the European bioeconomy. EFI also leads a case study on new wood-based products and will contribute to the development of indicators on industrial uses of biomass, as well as scenario analysis of the future bioeconomy development.



Project poster (added 6.11.2018)


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 773297.


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