BIOSCOPE - a goal for the growth of the bioeconomy in North Karelia

The goal of the BIOSCOPE project is to grow the regional economy of North Karelia by partnering companies, researchers and international students in a new way. The new partnership model seeks a setting in which companies, researchers and students actively participate in shared value creation so that significant added-value can be generated for all parties in their own areas (e.g. new business, more impressive research, student capacity).

The undertaking is structured under three working areas. The areas are 1) anticipation of the bioeconomy market, 2) business development and 3) improvement of international know-how and international networks. The goal is to find the best matching methods and processes for the current - digitalized and networked - business environment. The systemic goal is to move from a linear research and knowledge implementation model to a networked innovation model. As a result of the project, a new kind of innovation model - permanent, constantly evolving and networked - will be created as the engine of North Karelia's forest bioeconomy growth.

In order to realize the activity, the project produces a range of tools from which the appropriate mode of action is selected to cater for each specific need. Initially, the options include (1) for forecasting, e.g. mapping weak signals, forecasting workshops, mirroring forecasting results for companies in the area, forecasting and RTDI work in new markets; (2) for business development, e.g. joint brainstorming and related design of business studies, case studies, innovation camps and other innovation platforms; and (3) international knowledge and networking. The task of the project is to find out how these tools are best organised in a continuous, systematic, effective and efficient operation.

Project management
Jo Van Brusselen,
University of Eastern Finland
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