BioScore - Biodiversity Impact Assessment Using Species Sensitivity Scores

Biodiversity indicators and monitoring frameworks are currently developed at global and European levels. A key tool for monitoring progress in achieving the EU target to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010 is the recently endorsed set of EU headline biodiversity indicators. A requirement by the EU is to complement the indicator set and the development of biodiversity monitoring frameworks with tools that are able to assess the impacts from Community policies on biodiversity.

The BioScore project developed a tool for linking pressures from policy sectors to the (change in the) state of biodiversity as measured by the presence and abundance of individual species. The tool contains a database that holds information on the ecological preferences of individual species in relation to individual sectoral pressures and relating to selected Community policies as well as the EU headline biodiversity indicators. This tool can be applied for assessing possible impacts of changes in selected environmental conditions. The database is able to assess more detailed impacts and the effectiveness of biodiversity conservation policies based on historic data as well as forecast future impacts based on existing scenario studies. The tool and BioScore 1.0 final report are available at the project website.


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