CarboInvent - Multi-source Inventory Methods for Quantifying Carbon Stocks and Stock Changes in European Forests

The overall objective of the project was to provide methodologies for combining different data sources towards an improved estimate of forest carbon stocks and stock changes at the national level, for the purposes of the UNFCCC, and the proper implementation of the KP Articles on LULUCF. The main aims were as follows:

  • to establish a set of biomass expansion factors for major EU forest types and to expand from inventory volume estimates to carbon content of tree components and to estimate their reliability;
  • to develop a method for soil carbon assessment to be combined with forest inventories over large spatial scales;
  • to develop multi-source inventory methods for assessing carbon stock changes including regional distributions and uncertainties;
  • to apply these methods in test sites and suggest upscaling methods at the national level;
  • to calculate/improve regional and country data for stock changes in tree biomass and soils, including an uncertainty analysis.

Some of the participants have uploaded reports from the project here:, if you have registered, you can find the reports by using keyword CarboInvent.

This project was  carried out with the financial support from the European Communities, DG Research.

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