CARBONES - 30-years Re-analysis of Space and Time Variations of Carbon Fluxes and Pools over Europe and Globe

The overall objective of this 3-year-project was to provide a calibrated 30 years-long re-analysis of space and time variations of C fluxes and pools over Europe and the Globe. As a result, we have a clear and necessary added value to Core Services data for Climate Users’ needs. The data was also tailored to be used by the IPCC climate modellers for testing and improving their simulations of the future evolution of the coupled climate-carbon cycle system.

This overall objective was reached through nine scientific and technical targets:

  1. Analysing user needs by involving climate and earth system modellers in the product definition, service design and demonstration of interest.
  2. Interfacing with and integrating available various types of data needed for the re-analysis, including satellite data, in situ data infrastructure, and GMES core services.
  3. Implementing state-of-the-art process-based models and assimilation methods through the design and integration of the CARBONES information system.
  4. Generating a 30-year re-analysis of carbon fluxes and pools maps, which are consistently constrained by available in situ and satellite data, and regularly updated.
  5. Developing an interactive visualisation/mapping interface of the CARBONES system and dataset, designed to meet climate modellers' needs and dedicated to experimentation.
  6. Evaluating and demonstrating the interest of the CARBONES information system.
  7. Specifying future satellite missions and observation systems of the carbon cycle.
  8. Analysing future applications and downstream potentialities: identify possible downstream services and institutional/economic end-users of a CARBONES operational service.
  9. Defining a downstream carbon service to meet the needs identified in (8).


EFI team was involved in the forest related DataStream development to provide information on Carbon stock and fluxes of European forest. This DataStream is used for CARBONES models initialization and verification.

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