CASTLE - Careers in Sustainability Excellence

The scientific program of CASTLE refined and improved state-of-the art sustainability assessment methods and applied them to current sustainability challenges in industry and policy making. With its training program CASTLE imparted a wide range of methods and skills. It covered, among other topics, assessments of direct environmental, economic and social sustainability impacts like GHG-emissions, carbon footprint, structures beneficial for biological diversity, water consumption and pollution, land use, value added.

EFI was the coordinator of the project and hosted two PhD students. Other 12 PhD student were located in CASTLE's partner organisations; Skogforsk, ZALF, VTT, Thünen Institut, BOKU, FCBA,  MHG and UNI-KLU.

CASTLE project received research funding from the European Union's programme called Marie Curie Actions.

Read more on the project website: (last visited 8.2.2018)

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