CI-SFM - Implementing Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management in Europe

The project provided an objective review of the achievements of the pan-European Criteria and Indicators (C&I) for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), and of how they have been implemented at the European, national and local levels and in sectors other than forestry.  The project also identified challenges and developed recommendations for improving the C&I set and their further development and implementation in an evolving international environment – in consideration of European and national level needs.

The outputs were:
1. state of the art report,
2. set of standard national implementation reports,
3. sub-regional/national workshops
4. European workshop,
5. Final summary report, including recommendations to the implementing countries and the C&I process.

The project was coordinated by the European Forest Institute (EFI), and it was conducted in close cooperation with FOREST EUROPE LU, UNECE/FAO and relevant experts. The following EFI Units were participating in the project: EFIATLANTIC, EFICEEC, EFICENT-OEF (coordinator), EFIMED, EFINORD, Policy and Governance.

More information at the project website: (last visited 8.2.2018)


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