CLIMSOIL - Review of Existing Information on the Interrelations between Soil and Climate Change

The general objective of this project was to provide, through a comprehensive review and expert judgment by European experts, state-of-the-art and more robust understanding of interactions between climate change and soil under different land uses (agriculture, forestry and wetlands) than is available now in the four areas where knowledge gaps have been identified. The project aimed to complete the following tasks:
1. Gather current knowledge on carbon stored in European soils
2. Gather information on the effect of climate change on soil carbon
3. Assess the potential of soil strategies to sequester soil carbon
4. Assess the relative importance of soil management in climate change mitigation

EFI acted as a subcontractor and was involved in the following work packages: Carbon storage and trends in the European Union (WP1), Effect of climate change on soil carbon (WP2) and Effect of soil management and land use on soil carbon (WP3).

The final report of the project is available at the European Commission web pages.

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