Combining Geographically Referenced Earth Observation Data and Forest Statistics for Deriving a Forest Map for Europe

The objectives of the project (contract number 15237-1999-08 F1ED ISP FI) were:

  1. Computing an enhanced digital database for forest consisting of coniferous, broadleaved and non-forest in ArcView format for the region covered in the previous projects using an augmented NOAA AVHRR mosaic.
  2. Compiling country statistics at national and province level for forest and its two sub-classes coniferous and broadleaved forest (where available) and digitize the polygons.
  3. Compiling a timberline mask to exclude areas considered above the timberline from the calibration process.
  4. Calibrating a complete European forest map using the satellite data, forest inventory data and the timberline mask to produce an improved forest resources distribution map for forest area of the European continent.

The results of this project have been published in EFI Research Report 14 and EFI Technical Report 13.

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