Compiling of a Review on Ongoing Projects on Biodiversity Investigations in Europe (Including Russia)

The project objectives were:

  • Writing an analytical review on existing projects on forest biodiversity in Europe including Russia, in the first instance from the point of view of computer databases and systems for computer methods of evaluation of indicators of biodiversity
  • Writing an internal report about the development of Russian computer information and analytical system of assessment of  plant species dynamics and ecosystem diversity at various types of forest management for disseminating among EFI members and partners on biodiversity projects
  • Case studies of system application to different conditions
  • Identification of possible extensions of application of computer-based methods for analysing assessment of biodiversity's current state and for conservation needs
  • Looking for partners and establishing contacts in European countries for writing a common proposal together with partners from EU

The results of this project have been published in EFI Technical Report 3.

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