Contribution to Kiev Report Prepared for the pan-European Conference of Environment Ministers in Kiev May 2003

The project contribution to the report is as follows:

  • For the so-called 'Kiev report' (working title) a chapter on forestry. Forestry as a topic is included in the draft list of contents of the Kiev report under Chapter 2 'Developments in socio-economic sectors' (Section 2d);
  • Data sets D1 (Annual fellings of trees) and data sets D2 (Total annual increment in forestry) were recommended for implementing items under Chapter (see: Data collection guidelines for the Kiev report page 36 and 37). A number of additional indicators subject to investigation are not listed in the technical document 'Contribution to Kiev report: Forestry (2d)'. They are as follows:
    • forest economy (narrow sense and broader) as part of national economy
    • forest trade across borders
    • main forest area in the Kiev country list
    • forest roads
    • protected forest areas
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