Dynamic Modelling of Mixed Stand/Soil System in European Boreal Forests

The principal aim of the project was an implementation and improvement of forest ecosystem model, EFIMOD. The objectives of the project were as follows:

  • to create a routine of a stand spatial structure simulation for a more correct conversion of standard inventory data to spatially distributed individual-based input parameters of every tree in a stand;
  • to develop sub-models of some selected species of broad-leaved forests and of forest ground vegetation as a set of ecological groups of species with the same characteristics of growth and biological turnover;
  • to create a simple and effective sub-model of soil climate generator;
  • to insert and calibrate the new soil model ROMUL in the forest ecosystem model for a more precise calculation of the role of different fractions of forest litter in a soil;
  • to create a set of scenarios for model implementation for silvicultural and environmental prediction of forest ecosystem dynamics with special reference to sustainable forestry.
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