Eichenresilienz (Oak Resilience)

The aim of the project, led by Wald und Holz North Rhine-Westphalia, is to investigate the resilience of native oak species, stem and grape oaks, and to show ways to promote this natural resilience. The project is investigating how the so-called "oak society" can be successfully combated with natural adversaries. The European Forest Institute will support the research project "Resilience of grape and stem oaks in the appearance of the oak society dominated by frost tensioners by natural adversaries" with its expertise in communicating scientific results to different target groups.

These activities include:
- Preparation of interim results of the project, required for this: participation in project meetings, coordination with project partners, communication management (coordination of contributions, editing, translation into English, etc.)
- Creation of an image film in German (with English subtitles): presentation of the project, development of a narrative on "oak resilience" with the aim of informing a wider public, selection of suitable images on site (experimental areas, possibly laboratory), coordination with project partners
- Preparation of project results for decision-makers ("Policy Brief") at national and European level, organisation of a professional translation (English)
- Short film on the preparation/summary of the project results, published together with the Policy Brief, as an overview for forest actors, but also relevant for the general public, whose interest in the forest is aroused by the visible calamities.

Project management
Gesche Schifferdecker, firstname.lastname@efi.int
Wald und Holz North Rhine-Westphalia
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