EU-FarmBook: supporting knowledge exchange between all AKIS actors in the European Union

The current state of the art is that the project EURAKNOS has analysed the knowledge of 28 Horizon funded Thematic Networks (TNs) and linked operational groups (OGs) and developed a vision and guidelines for a digital knowledge reservoir for an EU-wide agriculture and forestry practice. EUREKA has continued this effort by examining 120 Horizon funded MA projects within the EIP-AGRI and developing a ‘proof of concept’ of such a knowledge reservoir building on the results of the EURAKNOS project.

EU-FarmBook will capitalize on the results of EURAKNOS and EUREKA, making the data taken up in the platform more FAIR and adding necessary functionalities to the platform based on the users’ needs such as interactive peer to peer interaction and user content evaluation tools. Moreover EU-FarmBook will assure the linkage to traditional dissemination channels, such as agricultural journals, on farm demo activities, and training and education initiatives. The EU-FarmBook will therefore work closely with associations of journalists (ENAJ), educational and training institutions and strengthen the ties with EIP-AGRI Service Point. The effort will also be expanded by looking beyond H2020 and Horizon Europe funded projects, and OGs, through linkage and interoperability with national and regional initiatives. During the whole project an intensive dialogue will be maintained with AKIS coordination offices and CAP networks in all MS.

The aim is that during the first stage of the project the concept of the platform will evolve to an exploitable product that will stimulate the exchange and collaboration between the AKIS actors at an EU wide scale. Targeted and efficient management of data and information to support agriculture and forestry practice from different sources will not only support the CAP but also the Green Deal and Farm to Fork objectives and targets, ultimately resulting in innovation for an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable agriculture and forestry.

EFI tasks in EU-FarmBook are mainly to bridge between the software development team of the EU-FarmBook platform and dissemination and exploitation activities. More precisely, EFI is responsible for understanding and connecting with the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) at national and EU levels. EFI is one of the EU-FarmBook ambassadors that promote the usage of EU-FarmBook platform.


This project has received funding from the European Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101060382.

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