EUROFOREST - European Forest Information Portal

The aim of the project (2006-2008) was to produce a user-friendly, comprehensive web portal on European forests. The portal structure was designed in the initial phase of the project, e.g., based on examples of successful web portals used elsewhere. The portal is structured into a number of broader themes, such as: forest resources (including thematic actual issues such as illegal logging and bio-energy); forest policy and legislation (including an overview of current forest policy developments); forest ecology and ecosystems; climate and CO2; forest management and planning; forest protection; forest research; forest education; forest products; marketing and trade; information sources; miscellaneous (including national forest administration organisation, and other forest-related organisations). Each portal theme includes a non-technical overview of the theme and links to more detailed information and other websites with more information. The portal also has a 'news' section which is updated on a weekly basis. The portal structure is designed to allow an easy expansion of a particular theme area or to add new themes. In addition an information service on North Karelia's forests and forestry sector has been developed based on the structural set up of the EURO-FOREST portal.

EFI is responsible for coordination of the project as well as specifically for analysis of existing portals, collection and analysis of existing available information on European forests and forestry, portal structure and contents frame (information organisation under themes), entering collected information and maintenance and update of the portal.

The portal development project was financed by the North Karelia Regional Council, the City of Joensuu and EFI. the consortium included EFI and the SILVA network/University of Joensuu.

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