European Cooperation and Networking in Forest Communication

This small project was carried out as a follow-up of Forest Academy Finland (ForaFin, a Finnish initiative of a new forum aimed at supporting EU's commitment for sustainable forest management, and developing mutual exchange of views on forestry's role in socio-economic development, particularly in the new EU countries). The project aimed to:

  • survey existing forest-based communication organisations and networks in Europe (e.g. missions, projects)'Who is doing what'
  • identify gaps in meeting the challenges identified 'What is not being done'.

The findings of the survey were used to support the planning of further activities based on the idea of Forest Academy Finland. By focusing on strengthening networks, the project also supports the mission and research strategy of EFI. The findings of the project are published as a web-report distributed electronically to major actors within European level organisations.

The results of this project have been published in EFI Technical Report 20.

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