The overall aim of the project was to make an assessment of the Finnish forest sector's communication activities on a number of important European importing markets (Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom). This assessment included  a study of the context of forest communication in the three countries - network structure, its actors, their relationships and interests, and the position and relations of the Finnish forest sector in that network. The assessment also included an analysis of the effect of communication activities in relation to the current image of the Finnish forest sector, the influence of other external factors, and the identification of bottlenecks and success factors of forest communication. A better understanding of the factors influencing communication in forest issue networks and especially forest sector communication will benefit the discussion on communication in natural resource issues in general and the forest sector's communication in specific.

The results of this project have been published in the Dissertationes Forestales series: Janse, Gerben 2007. Communication in forest policy decision-making in Europe: a study on communication processes between policy, science and the public. University of Joensuu, Faculty of Forest Sciences. Dissertationes Forestales 48.

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